Happy Year of The Yin Fire Rooster!

Ah, yes! 2017, the year of the Yin Fire Rooster.

What a combination! Simply put, it is a year of awakenings, at home and in general (whether we asked for them or not). The Yin Fire Rooster will help to show us our faults, illuminate our path forward, and motivate us to action in our own lives and in our collective communities.

The Monkey of 2015 has left many of us feeling tired and worried about our future. This year, the "wake up call" of the Rooster promises to guide in truth, honesty and empowerment. It will allow us to further explore our intuition and call attention to the areas of our lives that need to be transformed.

In Chinese Zodiac, Fire and Yin are at opposite ends of the spectrum (think of Yang - fire vs. Yin - water), and Rooster is known for being confident, incredibly (albeit sometimes forcefully) honest, motivated and trustworthy. When Yin/fire is in balance, there is the potential for peaceful resolution and tempering of anger.

It is also a notable year for empowerment of feminine energy (no matter your gender) with a potential for more women to be in the public spotlight.

As always, the best way to take care of the world, is to first take care of yourself. Use this year to take stock of your life: address areas that are not working for you, seek out ways to streamline and improve your tasks and quality of life, and most importantly, take the time to take care of yourself! When you are at your optimal version of health, you are also at your most effective.

Whether it is committing to a regular acupuncture, massage and/or chiropractic schedule, a weekly workout routine, a monthly or weekly nature walk/hike, implementing time into your schedule for meditation, working on your financial fitness, preparing fresh and healthy food for you and your loved ones, organizing and streamlining your living space, making a conscious block time each day to be technology free and fully present, the options are limitless. So limitless in fact, that it can seem overwhelming. Let the energy of this year guide you to the areas that need the most attention, the energy of the Rooster will tend make the most dysfunctional areas feel the most uncomfortable, thus calling your attention to them. Remember, discomfort is merely an indicator that something needs your attention and that there is likely a change that needs to be made.

Start small, choose one nice thing to do for yourself per pay-period. Set one intention for each month and create a plan for it, even the best of intentions need a good foundation in order for them to flourish. If something doesn't stick, don't fret! Don't be hard on yourself! These things sometimes take practice and some finagling, be flexible with yourself. Recognize that you are doing the best that you are capable of, you are exactly where you should be.    

Many blessings to you and your loved ones in this lunar new year!