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We use a variety of proven techniques and herbal knowledge to get you back to your best version of heath. Please read through the description of our services below and click through or photo gallery at the bottom of the page. These services represent only a portion of what we use in a single treatment, All treatments are based solely upon patient need according to their presenting symptomatology (a group of presenting symptoms as related to chief compliant).



A cohesive acupuncture treatment usually consists of a combination of modalities in order to treat both the root and the branch of the patient's chief complaint. Acupuncture itself involves the insertion of ultra-thin, filliform (solid) needles into acupuncture points (there are as many as 2,000 acupuncture points that are connected by 20 main meridians in the human body, wow!). For more information, please visit our What is Acupuncture? page. 



We like to describe cupping as a, "reverse massage." Traditional massage compresses tissues in order to move lymph and work out "knots" in muscles. Cupping on the other hand, pulls the skin and fascia away from the muscles, creating space for healing lymph and blood to enter the space created in order to heal and release the affected tissues.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this modality pulls localized stagnation (due to injury, meridian stagnation, muscle cramping, etc.) to the body's surface, where it can better deal with and release it. This is why cupping often creates its signature circular markings on the skin as seen in famous Olympians, athletes and celebrities who use it.

These marks are not bruises. They are referred to in TCM as "sha," or sand. Unlike bruises, these localized markings fade within a week or so, from an array of pink or purple to lighter shades of such, back to skin tone (whereas bruises go through shades of blue/purple, to green and yellow).  Cupping is an effective way of releasing tension and stagnation in muscle tissue and meridians, and is therefore very effective at treating a myriad of complaints including pain and issues arising from imbalance of body systems.



This modality comes in several forms. The form pictured above is a technique called "Chinetsukyu," or heat perception Moxa. Moxibustion is a term used to describe a myriad of techniques that utilize the amazing herb Artemisiae Argyi Folium, AKA Mugwort Leaf (Artemesia).

This herb is bar none, the herb for moving local stagnation when applied topically. However, it has a myriad of uses, be it for tonification or dispersion, it all depends on the form and application of the herb. For instance, the topical application of Chinetsukyu has proven effective for muscle and meridian blockage as associated with pain and spasm.

The application of Tonetsukyu (yet another form of moxa) has been effective in treating deficiency in the immune system. Yet another form related to Kyotoshin or Ondan (moxa applied to the head of an acupuncture needle) has also been effective in treating a slew of autoimmune and pain complaints.

No matter the form it is presented in, it is clear that this herb and its multiple styles of application are effective at treating disease and discomfort. For a more intimate explanation of this miracle herb and its many applications, please see your local acupuncturist today!    

Herbal Medicine

While getting regular acupuncture treatments is essential, sometimes your body requires an herbal formula tailored to your specific needs in order to enhance your regular treatments and achieve optimum health and wellness. When herbal medicine is included in your regular treatments, quicker and longer lasting results are achieved.

For directions on how to take your herbs, CLICK HERE!

At Lucky Tiger Acupuncture, we utilize the finest quality herbs and diagnosing techniques. We are proud to offer formulas in easy-to-take-with-you packets from Honso and TCM Zone. For those concerned about the taste of herbs, fear not! Most formulas are also available in vegetarian capsules. While herbal therapy is not necessarily a requirement, it is highly encouraged that you ask your acupuncturist if there is an herbal formula that is right for you. Often times, your acupuncturist will want to see you a few times before settling on a specific formula for you, but sometimes there is a formula that jumps right out at us on your first treatment.

Herbal medicine is yet another essential tool in achieving your overall best health and wellness. With guidance from an acupuncturist, great changes can be achieved. It is important to note that Chinese and Japanese herbal medicine is incredibly specific to an individual's particular health concerns and presentation. There is no "one size fits all" Chinese/Japanese herbal supplement. For best results, be sure to seek counsel from your licensed acupuncturist.

At LTA, we always include a complimentary herbal consult with every treatment at the request of the patient.  

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